Friday, October 21, 2011

A long suffering beginning

I have been contemplating this for a couple of years, have messed around with different blog settings and designs, ideas, etc., but have never been satisfied nor knew how to start. In some ways one can only start where they are and I suppose that is the middle, where we all live. This is the only space where we have any choice, where we can be self determined- as much as possible. The only purpose I have is to tell a story, a perspective and I have no idea what will come of it. If it is only for myself and healing than this would be fine, but I also hope that at least one person would be edified by what I share or link. I am a father of three children, one of which was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder around 4 years of age. My children are the reason for everything that I write, especially my dear Elias. If I had even a small measure of his strength I would be that much closer to divine. He reveals mysteries that I don't see how I could see any other way......

Most people will never have the pleasure of seeing this strength, because it is subtle and long suffering. It is quiet and unassuming. Elias, my son, is a child full of radiant beauty and he is the closest person to God that I have witnessed in the world. And so I dedicate this blog to Elias and to all who suffer and to those who realize that they will never have the answers but dare to become part of the answer..........

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Stephen. Your words already resonate deeply. Our kids are true Icons.